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As Turkey's most innovative SEO agency, we develop strategies to increase your search engine visibility and organic traffic and provide the most professional SEO service for your brand.

Professional SEO Agency and SEO Consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the name given to all the contextual and technical processes performed for Internet and e-commerce sites to rank in search engines and attract organic traffic by increasing search engine rankings.


 SEO agency is the name given to agencies that provide services to manage the search engine optimization processes of brands. Agencies that provide SEO services increase the rankings and visibility of websites in search engines thanks to the projects and strategies they develop.

Turkey's most innovative and technology-oriented SEO agency SEOUP, the strategies to be followed in Search Engine Optimization studies are differentiated according to the sector and the goals of your brand.

While developing your SEO strategy, our expert team first conducts site analysis and competitor analysis studies and then develops strategies for your brand and shares them with you.


People and companies who want to write SEO compatible content should first have knowledge about how search engines work.

After keyword analysis, SEO friendly content writing can be started. In this process, content hierarchy, title structure, etc. processes must be well constructed.


You can get information about our working processes by contacting our innovative and technology-oriented brand that serves as Istanbul SEO Agency or by requesting a meeting. Then you can start your processes after making an agreement to receive SEO services.